Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Google released Android 4.0 Mini PC few months back, and I got to see it now. From the first look to the first test drive, I am very much impressed with this innovation. The Mini PC looks like a USB dongle, but it's a PC!

Hats off to the engineers at Google for thinking up this new form factor.

This small handy device comes with a 1GHz CPU (overclocked to 1.5 GHz), 512MB RAM, 4GB Flash memory, extendable via MicroSD slot. Android 4.0 & can run all the Android Apps.

The Mini PC does not ship with a screen, no key board or a mouse, but you can connect it to the Mini PC and start using it as a PC! Mini PC has USB ports to connect a mouse & key board, and HDMI output to connect to a TV screen, and it also has a MicroSD slot to add more memory. It sports WiFi connectivity for Internet.

Android OS was initially not designed to replace a traditional PC and Mini PC cannot replace a PC in true sense, but then this little wonder can kill the low end PC desktops at internet browsing centers and this tiny $38 device can do all the things my mother does on her PC! 

The innovative form factor make this tiny device a giant killer. I can dream of 100s of new applications for this tiny PC – which a traditional PC cannot. For example, I can take this MiniPC on a road trip & convert the hotel TV into a PC for the night, check my emails, watch You Tube or review the pictures/video I had taken earlier in the day on my camera. 

I can use this Mini PC to stream the video content from a surveillance camera, I can convert any Television into a Remote Desktop and work on Adobe or MS office Applications. I can convert any TV into a browsing station & the list goes on!

Adding to the value of this Tiny powerhouse is the Android platform – the wide plethora of Apps, and new Apps that can be developed for this device – which can make this tiny device  even more useful.

This tiny low cost PC has the potential to kill the traditional home computers in most of the market segments and could truly emerge as the tiny David that killed the mighty Wintel Goliath!!

Where to buy?

1. Amazon  for $38!


Ben Gough said...

Hey I got one off these to day and it said I could connect a web cam to it.. so I did ofcours but its only working as a Mic kinda disappointing/ misleading its a lifecam vx6000 would you happen to know why its not working ??

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