Thursday, May 04, 2017

HPE Reference Architecture for VMware vRealize Suite on HPE ProLiant DL380 with HPE Service Manager

Executive summary 

To remain competitive, organizations are looking for unprecedented agility and efficiency. Budgets for IT are now funded by line of business, which means IT needs to be agile to provision workloads faster. For some, public cloud is the answer; for others who demand higher levels of security, regulatory compliance, specific SLAs, advanced automation, and more efficient ways to track their IT resource consumptions, private cloud is increasingly the de-facto answer. However, architecting and optimizing a private cloud can be complex and requires cross-domain expertise that might not be easily available. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Reference Architectures can help.

This Reference Architecture document provides a step by step guide to building a private cloud with automation built upon the VMware® vRealize Suite running on HPE ProLiant rack-mount servers using VMware vSAN for cost optimized storage backend. In addition, it includes integration with HPE Service Manager and HPE Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB) to speed up incident management of cloud services.

VMware vRealize Suite is a leading cloud management platform for creating and managing hybrid clouds. It consists of a set of products to help speed up deployment of a private cloud, quickly set up the private cloud environment to enable cloud service deployment, facilitate Day 2 operations with the ability to create Anything as a Service (XaaS) services, as well as monitor and automate management of provisioned cloud services.

VMware vSAN is a scalable distributed storage solution that is simple to deploy and manage. Because it is built into vSphere, vSAN can be enabled quickly with a few simple steps and managed using vCenter. Storage capacity can be easily added to existing hosts in the vSAN cluster without disruption to ongoing operations.

The HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 server is designed to adapt to the needs of any environment, from large enterprise to remote office/branch office, offering enhanced reliability, serviceability, and continuous availability.

HPE Service Manager and HPE UCMDB enables IT to collaborate and quickly identify and resolve service outages.

The combination of VMware vRealize Suite with HPE ProLiant rack-mount servers, VMware vSAN, HPE Service Manager and HPE UCMDB creates a private cloud solution with flexibility, efficiency and agility that responds to business needs.

Target audience:

This document is intended for IT architects, system integrators, and partners that are planning to deploy an enterprise grade private cloud using VMware vRealize Suite and HPE Service Manager software on HPE infrastructure. Document purpose: The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the value of combining VMware vRealize Suite for private cloud deployment and HPE Service Manager with HPE UCMDB for incident management using Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers and storage to create a highly manageable and highly available solution that meets the needs of the business, IT personnel, and the user community.

This Reference Architecture describes testing performed in January 2017.


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