Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nokia Joins the Open Innovation Bandwagon

First a look at today’s news headlines:

  1. Nokia buys Symbian and opens up smartphone software
  2. Nokia to buy rest of Symbian, free its software
  3. Symbian Shifts Mobile World to Open Source

The Google effect is being felt in the mobile space. Within weeks of releasing Google Andriod- a
free OS for mobile devices, Mobile handset makers and software makers are looking for consolidation.

The interesting move as part of this acquisition was to open source symbian OS. This decision was primarily done by Nokia. Nokia is so heavily dependendent on the Symbian OS that runs all its handsets, that it chose to adapt the Open Innovation model to compete with .Google Andriod.

Google Andriod is also a freeware and an open OS like Linux - and coming from Google, it packs quite a punch in form of various innovations: App Store, mapping engine, Chat Notification bar, and a host of other innovations coming from third party developers.

The threat of Andriod made Symbia/Nokia embrace Open Innovation strategy. By opening up their OS & fully embracing Open Innovation strategy Nokia hopes to retain its global domination over mobile devices - and ward off threats from Apple, Google Andriod & microsoft.

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