Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The first Anniversary of this blog

Today marks the first anniversary of this blog. I have been a late starter on blogging. Last year I started with blogging in blogspot and MSN Spaces. In last one year I have written about 80 articles on management: Mostly marketing, Sales, and HRM. Prior to writing this blog, I have been publishing my work on geocities webspace. In last one year this blog has been well received. There have been lots of appreciation and comments on the articles. So on the first anniversary, I want to list the articles which I have posted in the past:


  1. Branding of Semiconductors
  2. Successful Online Branding
  3. Fighting Commoditization of Brands
  4. Branding on Internet
  5. Does 4Ps apply to semiconductors?
  6. Building a Business Intelligence System
  7. Differentiation by Direct response marketing
  8. E-Mail Marketing for High Tech Companies
  9. Online services Marketing
  10. White Papers Make a Great Marketing Collateral
  11. Build a Multilingual Web Site to cater to your Global Customers
  12. Are White Papers Just for Technical Marketers?
  13. Self Service Technologies - Enable customers to provide their own service
  14. Giving Customer Quotations over Internet
  15. Web Marketing with Google
  16. Marketing - Position before you communicate
  17. Unappointed Brand Ambassadors
  18. Search Engine Marketing
  19. Five Guidelines for staying on top of mind of your customer
  20. Why Build a Global Website
  21. Effective e-mail Marketing
  22. Branding on a tight budget
  23. Marketing - Developing Market Intelligence
  24. External Product Positioning - Need for Clarity
  25. Developing a Brand Position
  26. Selecting a specific brand position
  27. Define your Brand and determine its value
  28. Brand Management
  29. Market Research in services marketing
  30. Chosing a Value Position for a Brand
  31. Making the best use of Market Research
  32. Marketing - Build a distinct brand with Product Differentiation
  33. Web marketing using RSS
  34. Communicate a Rock-Solid Brand Identity
  35. Measuring Marketing Effectiveness
  36. Branding Mistakes - Having a "Me-Too" Brand Name
  37. Self Service Technologies and Customer Satisfaction
  38. Pareto Principle in Marketing
  39. Advantages of Niche Positioning
  40. The Art of Naming a Brand
  41. Importance of Search Engine Marketing


  1. Shorten your Sales Cycle through Web
  2. Sales - Its all about Money
  3. Hosting successful Seminars
  4. Sales - Knowledge is strength
  5. Marketing & Sales Funnel
  6. Sales - Know thy customer
  7. Selling enterprise Software
  8. Consultative Selling - Way to sell Enterprise Software
  9. Make a successful sales presentation Part-1
  10. Make a successful sales presentation. Part-II
  11. Customer Relationship Management & Sales

People Management

  1. Retaining People in Technical Jobs
  2. Retention of top managers
  3. Use Marketing to Hire and Retain Talent
  4. Should your company have a corporate Blog
  5. People Capability Maturity Model and Organizational Capability
  6. PCMM & Creating a learning culture
  7. Women's day: A brief history and Implication to firms
  8. Leadership & Diversity
  9. Why have International work experience?
  10. Branding to Attract Talent
  11. Principles of Change Management
  12. Employee-Employer Power Dynamics in Negotiations
  13. Promoting Organizational Change Through Communication
  14. Hiring in high-tech firm: Build Vs Buying Talent
  15. Global Manager


  1. Understanding Financial Value Creation
  2. Build a Multilingual Web Site to cater to your Global Customers
  3. Virtual Scale - Alliances for Leverage
  4. Cutting Edge R&D in India
  5. Management Speak - Vocabulary
  6. When it is better not to have a corporate Blog
  7. What is a Whole Product
  8. Books I recommend
  9. Economics of Structured ASICs and Standard Cell ASICs

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