Friday, August 24, 2018

Four Key Aspects of API Management

Today, APIs are transforming businesses. APIs are the core of creating new apps, customer-centric development and development of new business models.

APIs are the core of the drive towards digitization, IoT, Mobile first, Fintech and Hybrid cloud. This focus on APIs implies having a solid API management systems in place. 

API Management is based on four rock solid aspects:

1. API Portal
Online portal to promote APIs.
This is essentially the first place users will come to get registered, get all API documentation, enroll in an online community & support groups.
In addition, it is good practice to provide an online API testing platform to help customers build/test their API ecosystems.

2. API Gateway
API Gateway – Securely open access for your API
Use policy driven security to secure & monitor API access to protect your API’s from unregistered usage, protect from malicious attacks. Enable DMZ-strength security between consumer apps using your APIs & internal servers

3. API Catalog
API lifecycle Management Manage the entire process of designing, developing, deploying, versioning & retiring APIs. 
Build & maintain the right APIs for your business.  Track complex interdependencies of APIs on various services and applications.
Design and configure policies to be applied to your APIs at runtime.

4. API Monitoring
API Consumption Management
Track consumption of APIs for governance, performance & Compliance.
Monitor for customer experience and develop comprehensive API monetization plan
Define, publish and track usage of API subscriptions and charge-back services

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